Ready or Not!

It is time, ready or not (that’s me not ready) to start a new project. I’ve been hinting at this for a while, but now it’s official and public.

I’m starting a YouTube channel!

I’m very excited to announce that I am launching a YouTube channel in conjunction with this blog. It will feature the same kind of content – lifestyle, food, travel, etc. – so if you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared here at Ei Panem, please consider following me over on my YouTube channel as well.

My plan going forward is to eventually shift this blog to better reflect the channel, so the name will eventually be changing. The content however will stay the same.

I’ve been doing a lot of research and planning to make this new adventure the best it can be, but know that I am still learning and will continue to learn as I move forward. My videos won’t be the best quality to start, but at least I’m starting. I definitely welcome feedback and constructive criticism (be nice please), so let me know in the comments here or on YouTube what I can do better. I also would LOVE some input on the type of content I post. While this is an outlet for me to share my passions with the world, I also want to give my viewers what is most relevant to them.

As I’ve worked on my vision for this next chapter, I’ve realized that my primary passion and purpose on all platforms is to help inspire people to live their truest lives, unbound by the expectations and standards of others. It can be so restricting when you feel you don’t have control over your own life, or that someone else’s opinion and ideas trump your own. If you can free yourself from this mindset, you free yourself to design a life you love, are proud of, and that satisfies you.

My first video is already live, so please go check it out. It is just a simple introduction to who I am and what the channel will contain. I will be uploading once per week, along with an accompanying blog post. 

I appreciate the support I’ve gotten on this platform and look forward to growing the community here and on YouTube. 



Here’s the link – YouTube

Join me on Instagram –

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